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GUESS WHAT?!?!?!  NO ORDINARY LIZ turns ONE today!  Can you believe it?!?!  Neither can I!  Where has the time gone? I guess I’ve just had SOOOOOoooooo much fun doing this blog…

happy-birthday-to-my-little-world-of-make-up--L-xFjAgR (photo courtesy of Google)

So how can I repay all of you for being such great FOLLOWERS?  By giving you my TOP 10 favorite posts this past year!  We can re-live all of the fun all over again!  I have learned so much about myself over the year as a NEW blogger.  When I decided to go down this journey, I didn’t realize the types of people I would be meeting along the way.  I’ve met LOTS of new faces, new BLOGMATES, experienced a lot of FIRSTS and I’ve been sooooo INSPIRED by many and HOPE I’ve INSPIRED others!

NO ORDINARY LIZS motto: to get out and explore more and worry less!

Let The Countdown BEGIN 🙂

10. A Chance Of A Lifetime…

9. In Search of Finding Mr. Right…

8. Rescue, Rehab, Release…INSPIRE: Winter’s Story of HOPE

7. 26:35 Minutes To Making A Difference…Spread The WORD

6. Blackberries


4. Not Your ORDINARY Irish PUB!

3. CHOSEN Took My Breath Away…

2. Gemini Sisters

1. No Ordinary Liz in a Nutshell

happy-1st-birthday-to-my-blog-L-ScUFKF (photo courtesy of Google)

So It has been an AWESOME first year, thanks to ALL OF YOU!!! I have done so much in one year, can’t wait to see where 2015 will take NO ORDINARY LIZ. You will have to stay tuned… It will be a BLAST! 

See you in the New Year!  Hope you have a wonderful HOLIDAY SEASON! ~NO ORDINARY LIZ 🙂


  1. Nichole C

    Happy Blog Birthday!

  2. Lora

    Congrats! Happy Blog BDAY!

  3. Rebecca Johnson

    Congratulations to you! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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