A Chance Of A Lifetime…

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Have you ever had an opportunity to cross your path that you simply couldn’t pass up or you second guessed yourself about submitting an application because you thought you would never have a chance at being selected  as a participant?   Well I have and the ODDS were forever in my favor!  I was selected through thousands of applicants to attend Project Belize last July through my awesome Firm, www.pwc.com.   Of course, I had that one mentor/co-worker that helped push me along the way to encourage me that this would be a perfect opportunity for me.  I did doubt myself that this wasn’t for me, or I wouldn’t know what to do once I got over there.  But, all I could think about in the end was the fact that I was going to travel across the world to make a difference in a child’s life, and I did just that.

So what is Project Belize you may ask?  Well, 400 PwC Staff travel to Belize over a 2 week span to teach financial literacy, life skills, leadership and career planning to Belizean youth to help prepare them for their future.

So… are you ready to embark on my journey with me? 

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 063Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 065

This was my first time traveling out of the US.  My Journey to Belize begins…

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 085 Yay!!  My first stamp in my passport 🙂

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 068  Here we go!

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 081  This was home for the next 4 days!

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 105Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 100   Streets of Belize

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 107Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 108

This is my school!  Meet Queens Square.

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 114  This is my classroom.  No AC and lots of heat from outside kept me company for the duration of my stay. 

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 135  But, we stayed hydrated with these cool water pouches!  Meet Intern Dave, another instructor in the classroom.

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 117  Meet my AWESOME kids! 

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 162Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 148Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 145Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 140Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 205

Throughout the course of 3 days, the youth learned how to budget, build a business plan and the importance of being a leader. 

So what has this journey shown me?  What is my story that I bring back to share with each of you?  Why is it a chance of a lifetime?…

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 263

Separated by distance, but know we will always be connected

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 255

Taking  a walk in someone else’s shoes for the first time

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 084

Constant reminder of #hope #change  #Belize #onceinalifetime #finlit #pwc #impact  #beingthedifference  #projectbelize2013

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 279

How you can impact others in just a few short days

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 236

Experiencing a piece of home for the first time ( a co-worker made pecan cookies, this was the first time, they have ever had a pecan)

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 159

Hugs of kindness

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 132

A kind gester from a stranger brings so much joy to their lives with just a piece of chewing gum

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 158

These kids were teaching me the whole time I was there

I didn’t realize the impact that these kids had on me until my flight home.  I was flipping through my phone and was looking at all the pictures I had taken over the course of my stay.  When I was no longer surrounded by the abundance of hugs and the echos of them calling me “Miss”, I felt a tear roll down my cheek.  They have made a home in my heart.  I think about these kids every day and I know that PwC and I definitely made a difference in their lives.

Project Belize 2013 and Birthday 219 The most ironic part of my journey is meeting these two sisters with the same last name as me.  Some would call it chance, others call it qu incident, but I call it FATE!

So my ask of you is this… the next time you are hesitate about chasing your dreams,  think about the outcome!  Sometimes, all you need to do is take a chance in life for an opportunity of a lifetime!

Do you have a chance of a lifetime story to share?  I would love to hear all about it!


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