GUEST POST: Fun on a Budget: Tips for a Cost-Conscious Weekend Getaway

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The only thing better than going on a delightful weekend getaway with a loved one is doing so without having to spend a lot of money. It’s often difficult to enjoy yourself if you’re concerned about how a weekend junket will affect your bank account. Fortunately, it’s easier than you might think. What’s better is that if you get it down to a science, you can look forward to many such opportunities to get away from it all with your partner.

Here, No Ordinary Liz offers tips on how to bring it all together.

Wrap Things Up Before You Go

One of the easiest ways to enjoy a budget-friendly getaway is to tie up loose ends before you leave. If you’re managing your own business, it’s important to take some time for yourself, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about getting out of the office and enjoying life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the workload of being a manager, consider investing in online business services to help you tackle everything. You might find that you start taking advantage of these services even when you aren’t planning a getaway. Once you’ve made sure you don’t have any obligations, you can take a breather and enjoy the weekend.

Travel Bargains

Scour the internet for travel deals on flights until you’re sure you’re getting the lowest fare. Also, look for bargains on sites like Priceline and take advantage of weekend specials and savings for sites like Enterprise Rent-A-Car to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. So, look carefully and check back often until you’re sure yours will indeed be a budget-friendly getaway. A diligent last-minute search can often net you airfare for under $100. Websites such as Kayak can even send alerts when a deal is found that fits within your established parameters. One good way to approach it is to look for the best rates for any airline, which increases the likelihood you’ll find something in your price range.


Luxury hotels and high-end B & Bs add a lot to the experience but defeat the purpose of an inexpensive getaway, so make frequent use of coupons and deals for sites like so you can fit this trip into your budget. Focusing on accommodations that offer a continental or complementary full breakfast is also a good way to save on meal cost since you can eat a late breakfast and take a couple of muffins, doughnuts, or some fruit along when you get out and about.

Child Care

This is one hurdle that undoes many a planned getaway. Couples are often forced to give up on their plans or take the kids along, which will certainly add to your tally. If your children are too young to stay by themselves, it’ll be necessary to find a friend or relative (preferably someone with children) to watch your kids while away. It’s an important cost-saving measure because free child care will end up saving you a bundle. 

Getting Behind the Wheel

If your getaway precludes the possibility of air travel, consider getting behind the wheel and driving if you’re within reasonable driving distance (say within eight hours or so) for a weekend getaway., for example, is a site that provides access to a host of deals for costly expenses to help make this travel fun and budget-friendly.

Cost-Conscious Dining

Few expenses drive up the cost of a weekend getaway like dining out at high-end and touristy restaurants. It’s often easier to get a better feel for a destination by looking for restaurants that are off the beaten path and in older, more historic neighborhoods than the “main drag” where tourist literature tries to convince visitors to congregate. Ask the concierge at your hotel to recommend some of the best moderately priced local places to eat, and always take advantage of a local person’s knowledge when you’re a newcomer. 

A budget-conscious approach to a weekend away will leave you with a lifetime of cherished memories and experiences — and with plenty of money left over in your wallet.

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