In Search of Finding Mr. RIGHT…

Feb 18, 2014 | Stories | 3 comments

So how did you spend YOUR Valentine’s Day?  Me?  I-I-I went on a date with 7 guys.  Yes, you are reading this correctly kinda sorta, but not really.  No, I didn’t have a bachelorette tv moment, but it kinda felt like it in a weird way.  I decided to try something that you see in the movies and think that it is so cool.  I signed up for Express Lane Speed Dating at in Carrollwood, FL.  I was not going to spend this V-Day alone so I talked 2 of my coolest friends in to tag along with me and give this thing a try.  So I heard that Cupid was on his way to Florida, was a connection made in the check-out lane?

SO… how does an event like this go down, you may ask?  Well a little something like this…

photo 12  My golden ticket for the evening

photo 7  Gotta make sure I am at the right place

photo 11  Speed dater champions or newbies like myself waiting to get registered for the event

photo 9 photo 10  Once you’ve made it through the registration table, you were handed a sheet to write down anyone you would like to connect with further.  While you are waiting for your turn, you could go on a scavenger hunt through Whole Foods and win a gift card.

photo 13  To help make the evening more romantic, there was a table with melted chocolate and you could have dipped bacon, strawberries or other fruit to your liking. (Can I just say OMG to chocolate dipped bacon) Oooohhh mmmmyyyyy

photo 8  AND… what goes better with chocolate and to break the ice….you guessed it 🙂  I have to give it to Whole Foods!  They definitely know how to set the evening.

photo 3  Here’s my two friends that I talked/forced to go with me.  They are excited!  Can’t you tell.  Kalena and Jen, when are you ready to go next? 

photo 2  So this is the crowd socializing while the first round of people started their search for LOVE…

What’s really neat about this event is the surprise I got when I showed up.  I went into it thinking that it was going to be all young professional individuals.  When you think of speed dating, that’s just what comes to mind, right?

photo 5  WELL, don’t let these precious people fool ya!  They were more Gal/Guy over 35 than Gal/Guy under 35 at this event.  What does that tell you?  I thought it was awesome! 

photo 4photo 6  So what would you do if I asked you to explain yourself to me in 1 minute!!!!  Yes,, 1 minute is all you had before you had to switch to the next guy.  For me, since I fell under the Gal under 35, there was only 7 guys.  “7” .  So basically, I had 7 minutes to talk about myself.  How the heck do you do that. LOL. 

SO… I guess you’re wondering by now if I found Mr. RIGHT?  OR

Did I get the chance to use my catch phrase  photo

Nope, not this time, but I think I have added a couple of new friends to my network.  This was a really neat experience for me.  I can now check this off my bucket list.  I will be doing this again.  I don’t think CUPID released his arrow on me yet!  I am still waiting for MR. RIGHT to come riding up on his white horse.  Wait, what?

So, have you ever been on a speed date adventure?  I would love to know how it turned out and where it took place.  Was it as cool at a check-out lane?


  1. kalenamonster

    I personally had a blast and only had one email response..I can’t say the same for somebody else.. ahemmmm 😉

  2. Charles Goldner

    I’ve always wanted to do this, but alas I’m taken now. Did you have an elevator speech already planned or did you go in cold turkey?

    • noordinaryliz

      You know, I did have my cool elevator speech all ready to go, but when they told me I had one minute to tell about myself, it kinda went out the window. Topics were all over the place. It was interesting to say the least.


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