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Today marks the 1st official week since Dolphin Tale 2 came out in theaters.  Did you know it is already ranked the #1 Family Movie in AMERICA?!?!?!  It has only been out a WEEK!!!!  This is just way cool 🙂  Have you seen it yet?!  Is it on your radar to see it?!?!  Oh I am just so curious to gather your thoughts on what you thought about it.  Did you leave the theater with bloodshot eyes like I did or have your shirt soaked because you didn’t have tissues with you….

Dolphin Tale 2 Press Junket 042 But first… let me take a selfie 🙂

I am actually still excited about my Press Junket weekend that I had.  I had the honor of seeing the movie weeks before it hit theaters.  I just think this movie was meant to happen.  In life, things just don’t happen.  The universe has a way of creating moments that you really can’t explain, or question, but know that they always have a way of working out in the end.  Dolphin Tale 2 wasn’t planned, it was born…

CEO, David Yates shared “Hope’s” arrival:  Dolphin Tale was about a 4-year project.  It took between 2 and a half years to write and film.  Just so happens that the last day of filming was on Saturday, December 11, 2010.   As the filmmakers,  cast, crew and CMA staff were celebrating the wrap of Dolphin Tale at Island Way Grill, CMA received a call around 5:10pm stating that they have a baby dolphin that needs to be rescued on the East Coast of FL.  11:15PM, that night, the rescue van arrives at CMA with the baby dolphin inside.  Fearing that she wouldn’t make it or not.  She was in bad condition, the rescue team grabbed her and put her in the water.  The casting crew thought that they were still filming a night scene?  The last Dolphin they took in was Winter, which was 5 years before. 

So what are the similarities between WINTER & HOPE?

1 –  Both are females

2 – Both were the same age 2 or 3 months when they arrived

3 – Same species, bottlenose dolphins

4 – Both found in same part of FL, Cape Canaveral

5 – Same rescue team that found winter, found HOPE

Dolphin Tale 2 Press Junket 106  It’s simply amazing to see what happens when FATE occurs in life…You just sit back and watch a BEAUTIFUL friendship form!  #WinterHasHope will last a LIFETIME.

So you seeee, it’s pretty crazy how life can play out sometimes, huh?  This movie was pretty incredible.  I am NOT going to give any spoilers away, but I hope you make it through the END… without shedding ONE tear 🙂

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAHHHHHHHH I forgot to mention that this happened….

Dolphin Tale 2 Press Junket 118  I could hardly contain myself as I got to be part of the press junkets for the weekend and interview some awesome casts!

Do you recognize anyone?!?!?!  Anyone at all?!?! 🙂

Standing left of me is Nathan Gamble, who plays Sawyer Nelson

Standing right of me is…When Harry Met Noordinaryliz 🙂 Harry Connick, Jr, who plays Dr. Clay Haskett

Standing right of me is Cozi Zuehlsdorff, who plays Hazel

When interviewing everyone, it was such ease!  Nathan and Cozi entered the room first and was hilarious from the start.  Harry entered shortly with his wit and he stated, “who are all these pretty girls when I was in high school?”  I could have fallen out of my chair right then… but I didn’t.  We only had 15 minutes or so with them, so the casual conversation began.  The Tampa Bay Bloggers and I were asking away…

TBB: How was it revisiting your roles the dolphins?

Harry: “Man, it was amazing.  You know, there is a little bit of a learning curve I think that goes into any new project.  It’s like going to any new school or summer camp or new film.  You have to get to know people.  As great as these people are, it didn’t take long to get to know them in the first film, but we became so close throughout filming the first movie, that the second one  was something  like a family reunion, we just jumped right in and knew who the characters were.  Although, the context was different, we were able to jump right in, which is a great luxury and doesn’t happen very much.”

Nathan: “Shooting with Winter, ah is so amazing to say that you can work with the most amazing famous dolphin is special.”

Cozi: “Hope is so fun.  She is such an adrenaline junky.  You just have so much fun being with her. They both have distinct personalities. It’s great to get to know them.”

TBB: How has Winter changed your lives?

Harry: “We all have different perspectives, but I think over the course of your life we all are constantly dealt with a bad hand, whether it’s a death of a loved one, or maybe it’s a career setback, relationship problems, you know, there is something to be said for acceptance and being able to process adversity gracefully.  Yeah, Winter is a dolphin and obviously doesn’t process things the same way as we do, but when you see how everyday Winter just does about her life seemingly um happy, it just makes you look at things slightly in a different way I think.  In that way, it has been pretty profound for me.”

Nathan: “For me, one being before I did the Dolphin Tale movies, whenever I saw someone in a wheelchair or with a physical handicap, I would think of them differently, I would be like, Oh my ghosh, that person looks differently then I do.  When really they are just humans and have personalities like I do. They are just more braver than us.

Cozi:  Yea, Winter has provided us with a lot more perspective  than usually teenagers get to have.  When we talk to kids, we try to encourage them that the only difference  between someone with a harder life challenge than you is that they are braver than you, than any of us hope to be.

TBB:  Harry:  You have done it all!  Singer, Broadway, TV, Movies.  What has been your favorite and what do you want to go back to?

Harry: “Well I like the variety of it.  Like I love being on broadway, I’d like to do that again, but you know, after doing six months of 8 shows a week, it’s very intense and I have a short attention span.  I like to mix things up.  So I think it’s the variety itself that I like.  This I can say, was the best movie making experience that I had, two of the best movie experiences that I had.  So I just like to mix it up.  Hopefully, If I am lucky enough, I’ll be able to do more of everything.”

TBB:  What was your favorite spot in the Tampa Bay Area?

Cozi & Nathan: “Frenchys & Clear Sky

Harry: Casa Tina Mexican Restaurant, awesome place.  Island Way Grill too.


Such a great experience meeting the cast!  I hope you do check out Dolphin Tale 2 sooner rather than later… EVEN if it means your reading my post while your in line waiting to get your movie ticket…..


I received complimentary admission to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium as a Dolphin Tale 2 Ambassador. The review is written by me on behalf of Warner Bros & Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The opinions expressed above are all mine.


  1. talesfromasouthernmomof3

    Wow, that must have been so fun! I would get tongue tied and not be able to even ask one question! HAHA! I want to see the movie, will have to find the time to take the 3 year old maybe we can actually make it through the whole thing since she loves animals!

  2. couponfreestuff

    I love the Dolphine Tale movie cant wait to see this one. and Could Harry Connik jr be any cuter? 🙂

  3. Susan

    the Rhonda shear twist front top you wore in blue, I ordered one,havent received yet. can you please tell me what size you are wearing? do they run true to size? I ordered xl only because that was the only one(ebay deal I snagged!) , I wanted medium or large instead… but I wear anything from a medium to even a 1x….

    • noordinaryliz

      YAY!! So glad to hear that you ordered one! I can’t wait to hear which size you got. I ordered the 1X. It comes true to size. I suggest that if you wash it, don’t dry it! Please send me a picture and let me know what you think!!

      • Susan

        hi I DO LOVE IT. I have same as yours in blue in XL..it fits perfect!! I couldn’t have it any smaller on hips, but I am small up top..(the only ‘loose’ place is underarm area..) but I prefer looser fitting things anyway..and all I have to do is scrunch up the sleeves a bit.. I LOVE the “scarf” at neck. and the color is just the right kind of blue too isn’t it:)? not the same ole navy and not too light…..seems I can dress it up or down. its sooo comfy while not being see through… I will get a pic,not sure how id post it here..i love it because its a modified “cold shoulder” you can make it cold shoulder if you like.. but I like just the slits type of cold shoulder and higher up/collar bone area towards shoulder.. too many cold shoulder blouses have the open areas going halfway down your upper arm… anyway when I googled it you were the only photo I could find on google images of a person actually wearing it! and not just the model at the website so thank you for that!
        so really this can shrink??? just air dry…? wow ok…looks better on you as a brunette I have lightish red hair but I LOVE it:) I cant wait to get me some of her bras and underwear/shapewear!

      • noordinaryliz

        YAY!! So glad you received your shirt!! Did you order other things? I’m sure it looks amazing on you, but thank you for your compliment!!

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