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In life, we always RUN across things that make us question why things happen they way they do. Some things are good, some things are bad.   We will sit and ponder on it for days until it simple drives us crazy.  Trust ME, I know your sitting there, nodding your head because you agree with me.  Some of us have a life that we wanted, some of us have a life that we didn’t want, some of us have a life that someone CHOSE for us, and then, some of us have a life that, well, we CREATED on our own and that is what I did.  You see, I was an orphan, who grew up in multiple foster homes in the foster care system.  In short, I didn’t have parents that could easily terminate their rights (TPR) for me to get adopted.  So I came across A LOT of STRANGERS very quickly in my lifetime.  BUT that is another blog :).  I wanted to introduce to you CHOSEN… It is an upcoming 1/2 or full marathon for ADOPTION.   You could run for a child who doesn’t have to be introduced to A LOT of STRANGERS like myself.  You could RUN for them and provide a chance for a loving home, a warm bed, loving family and simply LOVE…



Chosen 1/2 and full marathon details here.

Register here.




About Chosen (from the website):
From the Founder and Executive Director: In the beginning…The seed for Chosen was planted on the start line of another race. Founder Jenni Lord just couldn’t imagine sacrificing to train for another race unless she was doing it for something she believed in. Since that day in 2008, core teams of more than 100 individuals have contributed to the cause with their diverse gifts and talents. The heart that drives these Chosen teams is simple—to bring orphans out of darkness. Our Core Race Team is made up of volunteers who believe in what we are doing and want to help bring orphans out of darkness. From website design to race day music, we have been tremendously blessed by people donating out of their abundant gifts & resources to advance this vision. Chosen’s mission is to host a sporting events to financially impact orphans & adoptive families and raise awareness of the 165 million orphans worldwide.

So I was introduced to a friend of a “friend”, named Sandra who is in the process of expanding her family and adopting, she will be using CHOSEN to assist with the funding to help bring baby Sanchez home.  If you are interested in learning more about Sandra and her family or if you would like to donate, please follow the links below.

Baby Sanchez blog.

Baby Sanchez donation page. 

So I leave you with this video.  If it doesn’t move you to put on your new, freshly minted, bright Asics, Nike’s or sneakers to hit the pavement in bringing a child HOME, then I CHALLENGE you to at least make a donation.  I didn’t have that chance at ADOPTION, but I have the CHOICE to CHOSE my RACE!  I will be running for not only baby Sanchez, but for every 165 MILLION ORPHANS WORLDWIDE!  I will see YOU at the FINISH LINE!


Chosen video



  1. Jen

    Beautiful video, wonderful cause. I didn’t know anything about this marathon so I really appreciate you sharing!

  2. Jessica Spivey

    I can’t run it, but I’m gonna put it on my list to volunteer! An awesome cause and amazing stories!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kungphoo

    Never heard of the cause, but it truly is a great one. Every child needs a parent..

  4. Risa

    Sounds like a great cause for a marathon! thanks for sharing!

  5. tandyelisala

    Wow. I’ve never heard of this cause. This is a great and inspirational post and it’s great you are dedicating time and energy to this beautiful cause. It’s amazing how things in our lives that happen when we are younger impact us and how we choose to serve the world as adults. Kudos to you.

  6. Alana Mautone (@RamblinGarden)

    i’ve read a number of memoirs now, including one written by a former slave (yes, slavery does exist) about people who grew up in the foster parent system, and the horrible things they had to go through. It breaks my heart and I don’t pay the attention to it that I should. Running is not an option for me. Instead, I will share this post on social media.

  7. Amy

    Sounds like an awesome event! What adorable pictures, too!

  8. Charity C (@signingcharity)

    I wish I was in running shape. I’m trying to get back into, but it’s slow. Some of my best friends have an 8 year old they adopted at birth and are waiting for their 2nd birth mom to give birth in June. A good friend from college is meeting her kids, a sibling group in foster care on May 1. I am so happy for them. So happy.

  9. herraliomartine

    I’m glad I stubbled across this. Good cause and great video. Thank you for sharing

  10. eunkyungsuh

    I was an orphan in Korea… went through foster care there. I was adopted to American not speaking English. So cool to run across your blog. I’m doing a research paper for Sociology on the effects of attachment difficulties on establishment of identity and maturation. My step-son is more like my adopted son because his mother is MIA. I feel called and assigned to work with people who have experienced adoption- parent and child. =) I am not a runner, but I would certainly donate to this great cause!

  11. agatapokutycka

    Great idea and a fantastic cause… I wish i could run it


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