No Ordinary Bucket List

Jul 8, 2017 | Stories | 2 comments

We all love an adventure. I know I certainly do. I can’t get enough of it.

So I just returned from my second leg of summer travels. With the celebration of America’s birthday behind me and celebrating the first few days of summer in the Great Smokies, it got me thinking. I want to do more! So I’ve decided to share with you what’s on my bucket list. It’s a big one!

My 120 No Ordinary bucket list.
1. Write a book
2. Visit Wilmington, NC
3. Meet Ellen Degeneres
4. Sip coffee with Oprah
5. Make pizza from scratch
6. Master the guitar
7. Ride in a helicopter over the Grand Canyons
8. Master how to make the perfect guacamole
9. Speak Spanish fluently
10. Make homemade ice cream
11. Sleep in an igloo in Finland under the Northern Lights
12. Learn how to make the perfect biscuits~n~gravy
13. Go on a cruise
14. Swim with the sharks
15. Deep sea fishing
16. Go to Hawaii and master belly dancing
17. Read the entire bible
18. Meet Nicholas Sparks
19. Airboat ride through the Everglades in alligator infested waters
20. Drive over 150+ mph in a race car down Daytona Motor Speedway
21. Fall in Love
22. Get matching tattoos
23. Run a half marathon without stopping to check out the views
24. Hit 500 blog posts
25. Hit over 10,000+ blog views
26. Be able to touch my toes fully without bending my knees to stretch
27. Take a ride on a seaplane
28. Hold a parakeet
29. Stand under the Sutherland Falls, in New Zealand
30. Kiss in the rain, just like Noah kissed Allie in “The Notebook”
31. Win the pie eating contest
32. Watch an erupted volcano
33. Meet Carrie Underwood
34. Star in a commercial
35. Dog sledding at Christmas
36. Visit the White House
37. Ride in a horse carriage
38. Explore a cave
39. Fly a kite
40. Be on TV
41. Give $100,000 to charity
42. Start a fire
43. Travel cross country in an RV
44. Get Hollywood glammed and attend an expensive dinner in Singapore
45. Visit the Eiffel Tower
46. Have drinks with Morgan Freeman
47. Visit Arlington Cemetery
48. Go to Jade Mountain in St. Lucia
49. Play a game of paintball
50. Police ride along
51.  Ride in a hot air balloon
52. Swim with Dolphins
53. Learn how to sail
54. Visit Montana
55. Go horseback riding in Wyoming
56. Stay at a Dude Ranch
57. Meet Clint Eastwood
58. Attend a professional rodeo
59. Chase a tornado
60. Wash an elephant
61. Ride a camel
62. Hangout in Dubai
63. Ride in a limo
64. Officiate a wedding
65. Drive through a dust storm in Arizona
66. Explore every state park
67. Go to Yosemite
68. Horseback riding on the beach
69. Stay in an expensive mansion
70. Hug a Redwood
71. Milk a cow
72. Name a star after me
73. Visit Space
74. Be a mentor
75. Start a nonprofit
76. Have a house for orphaned children
77. Help the homeless
78. Write a children’s book
79. Volunteer at a retirement home
80. Play BINGO at the retirement home
81. Master self-defense
82. Visit a real-life Castle
83. Meet Queen Elizabeth II
84. Be hypnotized
85. Visit all 50 states
86. Answer a personal ad
87. Meet a world leader
88. Go to a High School reunion
89. Have an awesome conversation with a complete stranger
90. Meeting someone by chance
91. Lay in a bed of rose petals
92. Receive a fan letter
93. Start a blog
94. Shoot a bow and arrow
95. Win a lottery ticket
96. Master chicken~n~dumplings
97. Visit Italy
98. Squash grapes with my feet to make my own wine, in Italy
99. To be loved
100. Make someone’s day
101. Be on a radio show
102. Be on the cover of Glamour
103. Be a guest for TED Talk
104. Visit a Live TED Talk
105. Be in a professional photo shoot
106. Ride on an expensive Yacht
107. Have no credit card debt
108. Have no debt at all
109. Order room service
110. Eat fresh honey directly from a beehive
111. Be on a jumbotron
112. Meet the entire Walking Dead cast
113. See the Hollywood sign
114. Visit Vegas
115. Send flowers to myself
116. Be someone’s hero
117. New York Times best seller
118. See a lighthouse
119. Celebrate a holiday in a different country
120. Go on a spontaneous road trip


  1. havingcoffeewithmydemons

    Now I have to go write mine. I’m inspired yet again! I’ve done 27 of your 120. There are 8 I have my eye on myself. And you have now knocked out number 89 and 93. It was awesome having a conversation with you at the book store the other day!

    • noordinaryliz

      You’ve inspired me as well. I agree, it was pretty neat speaking with you. Thanks for sharing with me a glimpse of your work. I’m off to follow your blog.


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