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May 2, 2016 | Stories | 10 comments

In less than 24 hours, something amazing will be hitting the Tampa Bay area!  Give Day Tampa Bay!   On Tuesday, May 3rd, thousands will be opening their hearts to the local nonprofits around the Bay that help our communities find and maintain their purpose. The list of participating nonprofit organizations this year are over 595!

WOW, imagine the impact!

So what is Give Day Tampa Bay?

For those that don’t know, Give Day Tampa Bay is a community-wide, 24-hour online giving challenge hosted by The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. This charitable event helps Tampa Bay area nonprofits raise much-needed dollars and bring awareness to the numerous challenges facing these organizations.

Last year, Give Day Tampa Bay raised $1.75 million for 550 Tampa Bay area nonprofit organizations. This year, 595 nonprofits are participating. Let’s show our pride and support for nonprofits in our area on May 3!

How it works

It’s so simple to participate. Just visit this website on May 3, 2016 anytime between 12 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. and with a few simple clicks, you can make a donation to your favorite nonprofit organization. The minimum donation is $25. Nonprofits can also win monetary awards and additional prizes based on their day’s donations. The tallies for each organization are tracked in real time on the online leaderboard.  (info pulled from Give Day Tampa Bay website)

Giving-Back-Quotes-Mahatma-Gandhi (photo courtesy of Google)

Give Day Tampa Bay happens to arrive at the perfect time for one of these amazing nonprofit organizations!  May is National Foster Care Month where we take a moment to honor, unite and celebrate the awesome families of our children in the Bay area.  Eckerd Kids does just that!  They are a powerful team who work impeccably to provide our Bay kids a second chance at the life they deserve!

This year as you consider which nonprofit organization you wish to GIVE to, please note that with a donation of $25 or more given to Eckerd Kids, you will receive a special keepsake cookbook from their founder, Ruth Eckerd.  What a great way to make a difference in the lives of at-risk children in our community, including foster kids searching for their forever family as well as cooking up awesome meals!  

595 participating nonprofit organizations are looking for you!  Wherever you decide to GIVE this year, I hope you walk away full of happiness, inspiration and kindness that you spread it EVERYWHERE you go throughout or Tampa Bay communities.

a433889676c3d6fe40ab416a6e000065(photo courtesy of Google)

This post is written by me and collaboration with Eckerd Kids.  The opinions expressed above are all mine.



  1. Lori Bosworth

    Give Day Tampa Bay sounds like a wonderful initiative! Other cities should adopt this program! It feels so good to support the non profit organizations that provide us with services throughout the year. I hope this year’s Give Day Tampa Bay is a great success!

  2. dee

    What a great cause and organization! I love that the community is pulling together to help the cause because I am from the understanding if we all care for others we really help ourselves.

  3. Inspiring Kitchen

    What a great campaign this is. There are more sponsors now and I hope they get more donations than last year. I will check out the website and spread the news as well. A lot of people will benefit from this.

  4. roch

    It’s great that the contributions can be seen online in real time. There are plenty of charitable institutions that keep the sum of donations to themselves. Visibility and transparency is much appreciated. I hope that the government can do the same when it comes to funding projects.

  5. Kristy (@Momhatescooking)

    Give Tampa Bay sounds like such a great cause. I love how the power of social media can raise awareness for initiatives like these! Hoping that this year beats all of the other years, so that many families can be blessed.

  6. Wood Arts Universe

    Give Day Tampa Bay sounds like it’s a fun and exciting event. Plus, people get to help poor people in Tampa Bay. I just love it when people surround themselves with caring and thoughtful community.

  7. Renee @ Gettin' Fit Fab

    WOW this is really an amazing campaign! That’s amazing how much the day raised last year for all of the non profits. It’s so amazing what a community can do when they bond together to help one another, and local people!

  8. Bites for Foodies

    I always choose between a few different non-profit organizations to donate money too but I have to say that this one is definitely a great cause! Thanks for enlightening me!

  9. Nickida

    Wow such a cool experience. I need to share this with my husband he has family that lives in Tampa Bay. I bet they would love to know more about this and get involved with it as well.


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