Clearwater Beach Uncorked Extravaganza: RECAP

Feb 19, 2016 | Reviews | 0 comments

I had the pleasure of attending the Clearwater Beach Uncorked’s fifth anniversary extravaganza event on Sunday, February 6th along the sandy white shores of FL coastline and let me tell ya, it was “off the chain” as one would say!  If you didn’t have the opportunity to make it out to this years AMAZING event, you were missing out on all the popping of bottles, the array of smells, the BEAUTIFUL FL rays beaming down on you, the wind whistling in your ear as you were walking through tent to (VIP) tent, the chatter of voices in dismay over the world-class foods that was presented in front of them AND the amount of SWAG that one could carry!  NOW, I appreciate why this event was held over the course of TWO days!  I would’ve been bummed if I had missed any of this action!  It certainly was a whole day of FABULOUS-NESS~

So let’s check out some highlights of my day, shall we?

Uncorked 418 Uncorked 419 Uncorked 420 Uncorked 421 Uncorked 422 Uncorked 423 Uncorked 424 Uncorked 425 Uncorked 426 Uncorked 427 Uncorked 428 Uncorked 429 Uncorked 430 Uncorked 431 Uncorked 432 Uncorked 433 Uncorked 434 Uncorked 435 Uncorked 436 Uncorked 437 Uncorked 438 Uncorked 441 Uncorked 442 Uncorked 443 Uncorked 444 Uncorked 446 Uncorked 447 Uncorked 448 Uncorked 449 Uncorked 450 Uncorked 451 Uncorked 452 Uncorked 453 Uncorked 454 Uncorked 455 Uncorked 456 Uncorked 457 Uncorked 458 Uncorked 459 Uncorked 460 Uncorked 461 Uncorked 462 Uncorked 463 Uncorked 464 Uncorked 465 Uncorked 466 Uncorked 467 Uncorked 468 Uncorked 469 Uncorked 470 Uncorked 471 Uncorked 472 Uncorked 473 Uncorked 474  Uncorked 476 Uncorked 477 Uncorked 478 Uncorked 479

There were some amazing sponsors in attendance and a few that I was excited to meet and try out their menu!

SO, as you can see, It was more than just an event, IT WAS an Extravaganza!

Uncorked 482 Whelp, I don’t know about you, but I’m already hanging around waiting to get my tickets for next year’s event!  I hope, if you didn’t get to attend this year, you have this added to ONE of your TOP 5 things to do for 2017!  I promise, you’ll be thanking yourself later!

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Disclaimer: I had partnered with Clearwater Beach Uncorked to promote and participate in this event.  All opinions are my own.


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