No Ordinary Style for No Ordinary Liz (Product Review)

Jan 28, 2016 | Reviews | 1 comment

FREEZING would be the word I would best describe how it has been here the past couple of weeks.  Here, in case you were wondering would be Tampa, FL and when I say FREEZING, I’m saying temps as in high 60’s and low 30’s.  I know…I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably shaking your head right about now, BUT that is how it is here in these parts!  As much as I love the sunshine, I was a little bit excited to see these temperatures roll into the bay area for a number of reasons….

  1. We were greeted by Old Man Winter, even if it is for a little while
  2. I get to use all my heating features in my car
  3. It’s sweater weather
  4. I get to test out new products from Rhonda Shear!

Say WHAT?!?!

Have you ever heard of the ahh bra?

Are you wondering who Rhonda Shear is?

b60c0582dd0f54d415c3d0d06171c961_400x400(Photo courtesy of Google)

Having spent 25 years in the Hollywood spotlight as an actress, comedienne and host, Rhonda Shear knows a thing or two about making the most of her assets! Star of the popular late night series USA Up All Night (1989), Shear learned the art of illusion and camouflage from Hollywood’s top costume designers. Now, with her fresh, innovative and glamorous line of intimates, Rhonda brings these tricks of the trade to women everywhere. Like any good lingerie, Rhonda Shear Intimates began with a love story. In 2001, after 20 years apart, Rhonda reunited with childhood sweetheart Van Fagan. The two married and settled in St. Petersburg, Florida, where they embarked on a brand new venture together – Shear Enterprises, LLC. A true passion project, Rhonda set out to create a line of sexy, shaping intimates for all sizes, so that every woman can look and feel like a bombshell. With designs that focus on comfort and support without sacrificing femininity or style, Rhonda did just that.  (Bio courtesy of IMDb)

Yes, I’m so excited to be working with Rhonda Shear on reviewing a couple of her products from her women’s apparel line!  I don’t know about you ladies, but I always have the hardest time finding clothes that JUST FIT my body type! I always seem to be in a love/hate relationship with anything I put on.  If it fits just right on the hips, then it’s too big elsewhere, and vice versa!  Don’t you just LOVE IT 🙂

Well Rhonda Shear is here to the rescue!  Her style is unlike anything I’ve ever worn! It is unique and actually NO ORDINARY!

Shear2Shear3This top here is called Twist Front Top and it is $49.90!  It comes in blue or black, a variety of sizes and looks great paired with black, gray or white slacks. I LOVE this top as it feels like it has a built-in scarf and it’s PERFECT for this COLD weather that we’re having.  🙂 It’s very comfortable and so soft!  I didn’t even need a jacket!

Shear1 I LOVE this Contrast Wrap Skirt!  You can add this to your closet for $38.00!  It comes in a variety of festive colors and looks super cute with a tank top, cardigan and heels, based on the style and color.  I would wear this year round and it was certainly comfortable!  I didn’t take a picture as I’m currently in my “robocop” boot from post Achilles Tendon surgery and it would have NOT done this skirt justice!  I promise to post a picture at a later date when I can be in heels! 🙂

Do you like what you see so far?  This is just a small sample of what Rhonda has in store( literally)! I would suggest that you do yourself and your closet a HUGE favor and go check out what she has to offer you!  She’s got you covered in every department from sleepwear, everyday apparel, lingerie, and more!  Once you’ve cruised her website, drop me a line if you’ve purchased any of the products that I’ve posted today!  I would love to get your thoughts!

Want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends with Rhonda?  Follow her on twitter!

*I was given these products to review in exchange for a blog post. I was not compensated for my opinions. 

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  1. haleyduke17

    Those look very flattering and comfy. I’m not familiar with Rhona, but I like her tips.


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