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I was in line at Starbucks a few weeks back and had seen this FUN colored compact car.  It was a cute little car!  It totally screamed NO ORDINARY LIZ! I was thinking to myself, self…how cool would it be to get the opportunity to ride around in THAT car?  WHELP!  POOF!!! As luck would have it,  I had the most amazing opportunity to review, a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES as part of a blogger outreach program through DriveShopUSA  and it was delivered to my front door!  She was a fiery red little thang.  She needed a name!  So with the help of my social media friends, we came up with HOT TAMALE!


I had this car for an entire week to review all her bells and whistles and to show her the best spots the city had to offer!  OH THE PLACES WE WILL GOOO...

Mirage17 WE were out chasing rooftop sunsets with The Tampa Bay Lightning in the beautiful Tampa Bay…

Mirage18WE were out chasing planes…

Mirage15 WE were out and about…

Mirage16 WE were out on adventures with Orangespoken

Mirage5WE were chasing palm trees and stadiums..

Mirage2HOT TAMALE is Tampa Bay Rays BIGGEST fan…

Mirage9 WE were chasing all the artistic talents that St. Petersburg had to offer.  This mural is by: Spearlife.

Mirage11This mural is by: Michael Vasquez.

Mirage14 This mural is by: Erik Jones.

Mirage12Mirage8 These murals are by: Island Nautical.

As you can see, we’ve been having a blast!  I’ve had an amazing time getting to know this car inside and out!

So HERE’S my TOP 10 reasons why this could be your NEXT car!

10She starts at $12,995, making it an amazingly affordable NEW vehicle.

9. Highest Ranked Non-Hybrid Vehicle on the prestigious “Greenest Vehicles” List. (Greencars.org)

8.  She’s received multiple awards like “Best All-Around Performance” and “Best Environmental Performance” in the mini-compact class (Now that is pretty cool)

7. She has this pretty cool little feature that might just save you A LOT of $$$ on speeding tickets!  If you’re going a tad (and I mean a tad) over the speed limit, a little voice comes on in the car to alert you that you’re speeeeding!  BEST FEATURE EVER!!!!

6. You get to choose from a variety of FUN spunky colors!

5. Mirage21 It’s very pretty at night!  When you’re inside the car, it feels like a party is going on in your car with all the cool looking lights!

4. Miarage4 YOU can never get lost with the help of this cool navigator! Look at this 3-D effect of the Tropicana Field’s Stadium. I absolutely LOVED this!

3. She comes with either 10 year OR 100,000 miles warranty!  (YES, you read that correctly)

2. She gets 37/44 MPG

1.  Mirage13Mirage1 UMMM who needs a TRUCK when you can have a MIRAGE?  Don’t let this little car fool you?  I needed some furniture for my newly empty apartment, I had no other way of getting this home, my friend thought I was crazy and was laughing that this wouldn’t fit in this car!  I proved her wrong.  Do you see what I’m seeing here?!?!  THIS is why I LOVE this car.  She took care of me and I had her packed down.  You’re looking at a chair and an ottoman in the trunk!  I was able to pull the seats down to make more room, but WOW!  I still had more room.  I was impressed.  We certainly had a great laugh all the way home.  (at amazement)

Soooo…WE seemed to have had a few things in common, we had the same initials, we love to GO PLACES and even though we’re in each other’s lives for a short time, we made an everlasting impact!

To learn more about this AMAZING car or to stay up-to-date with the latest news, be sure to follow Mitsubishi USA on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!  #DriveMitsubishi

You never know, I may be behind you one day at Starbucks 🙂

Disclaimer: This post is written on behalf of DriveShop!  I was able to drive this AMAZING car in exchange for blog and social media posts.   All opinions are my own.




  1. Jenny

    I love that you named the car Hot Tamale! This looks like the perfect car to be exploring around Tampa in. A big trunk is the most important part of a car, have to have room for all the shopping finds.

    • noordinaryliz

      Thank you! I had a blast with her! She was FUN driving around Tampa/St. Pete!

  2. Jaime Nicole

    What a cute little car! I love the color – it’s so much fun. I think I would have a hard time transitioning from my bigger SUV to a little car like that though – especially with our winters- but this would be an awesomely fun summer vacation rental for me!

    • noordinaryliz

      Yes, I had a BLAST with Hot Tamale! I would recommend this car to anyone who’s traveling or has a child heading to college!


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