The Sushi Battle has Concluded…Verdict? I’m SUSHI WASTED!

Oct 6, 2015 | Reviews | 2 comments

Man I tell ya, if you were out looking for sushi and couldn’t locate any, I know where it all was!  Big City Events  definitely pulled out all the stops at this

years  sushi battle photo!  I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first big event in Ybor and at the Ritz YborSushi1 I have to tell ya, the vibe was definitely pumping the moment you drove up!  I never in my life saw so many people lined out the door and past the building who wanted to be part of this battle, after all, it was a SOLD OUT event.  Luckily for me though, I didn’t have to wait in that long line, I had my VIP access which allowed me to zip right on through and a step closer to #ALLTHESUSHI!

So what was it like once you were inside?


Sushi2 VIP’s were given these fancy chopsticks with a shot glass and drinking glass for the night!  Yep, I sipped the night away (just a little)…

Sushi4 How cool is this?  #NOORDINARYLIZ in Japanese 🙂  Do you see it?

Sushi5 Because you HAVE to do a sake bomb at a SAKE BATTLE!!! 

Sushi6 Another shot of our fancy swag with some liquid to enhance the look!  I mean, what else are they used for?

Sushi12 Godzilla…meet NO Ordinary Liz…

Sushi16 THIS picture doesn’t even do it justice.  ALL these people made it so hard for me to #EATALLTHESUSHI, but I tried 🙂

Sushi11 This sushi was pretty tasty!  Just some samples from the night that I could get to.

Sushi14 Yep, shrimp tails, rice and other things were flying as sushi chefs were trying to keep up with all the demand!  FEED ME MORE SUSHI!

Sushi7 Isn’t this a BEAUT?!

Sushi10  Tampa Taiko   (Traditional Japanese Drumming) was absolutely amazing!  Umm, why haven’t you checked out their website yet? 

Sushi9 My co-worker and other “chopstick” for the night!  We had such a BLAST!

Sushi15 I believe people conquered what they set out to dooooo….#EATALLTHESUSHI 

Sushi8 I’m only sushiwasted 🙂

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Can’t wait for next time!  I think I ate enough sushi to last me for a lifetime…wait…just kidding.  I’m off to eat sushi for din din 🙂  Talk with you later.



Congratulations to @Lifesysclesllc for winning these awesome tickets for Sushi Battle Tampa!  Hope you had an amazing time!

I was invited to review and partake in the battle as part of the TBBloggers.  All opinions in this post are my own.



  1. Run DMT

    Great recap of a fun evening! The sushi was definitely delicious.

  2. Tia

    Looks like you had fun! Hopefully I wont be out if town if they do it again next year.


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