“Hi, God” & “Four Lucky Leaves”…MY REVIEW on Children’s Books and GIVEAWAY

Jun 29, 2014 | Reviews | 14 comments

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I recently had the privilege to virtually meet and get to know the author, K.D. Brown (Katie) of “Hi, God” & “Four Lucky Leaves”, two fantastic children’s book that really complement one another.  I had the honor to read both of the books and I must say, I fell in love with both.  I believe you’re never to old to pick up a children’s book, in my opinion.

I don’t won’t to spoil the books for you, but I wanted to share with you what I thought about them and how I felt a connection with both of them.  We will start with “Four Lucky Leaves”!

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This book was so adorable.  I loved the illustrations throughout the book as well as the thought behind it.  Who would think that a FOUR LEAF CLOVER would ever feel so left out, when in reality, he is the one who holds all the power so to speak.  While reading this book, I couldn’t help but think about the days when I felt like him.  Those were the days, let me tell ya!  As you all know, I grew up as an orphan/foster child and through many of my years, I always felt like something was wrong with me.  I used to think that because I didn’t have the normal things that regular people had, like a family, or a stable house, I couldn’t fit in with society.  I remember going to school and being made fun of because I had to wear the same clothing as the day before.  I had no control over that, but yet day in and day out, people seemed to find that humorous.  Oh the typical name calling were floating around all the time.  Yeah, I was bullied at times and yeah, it hurt my feelings, I tried to make changes to myself so that people would try to accept me. That didn’t work though.  Do you know what it took for me to realize that I was the FOUR LEAF CLOVER in all of this? A look in the mirror.  I realized that this is my life and sometimes, you have to stand up for yourself and others to show them the way.  You can’t help who you are, you just have to accept it and move on.  Life will pass you by and you will miss out on all the cool stuff…like writing a blog 🙂

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I believe this book can relate to schools and children now a days.  When I asked my 11-year-old niece, Mallory on her opinion to “Four Lucky Leaves”, she stated that schools are like this now.  She feels that bullying is getting worse and worse.  When I asked her which character of the book she was, she stated that she usually portrays the FOUR LEAF CLOVER at school.  I didn’t realize the long discussion I had with her with this book and the importance that children in today’s society is facing with bullies.  We talked about what to do in instances when you are being faced with someone being mean, etc.  I have realized that bullies just don’t stop at school, we have them at your jobs, as well.  We as a society need to figure out how we can get a full grasp on this meanness so to speak.  I always think about Dr. Seuss’s famous quote: “WHY FIT IN WHEN YOU WERE BORN TO STAND OUT?”  If we were all the same, wouldn’t this world be boring?!?!

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“Hi, God” was another adorable children’s book.  Again, I adored the illustrations and the importance behind this story.  It kinda follows “FOUR LEAF CLOVER” in a sense that we always try to watch what others are doing in life and we think to ourselves, hmmm, we must be like them or our life isn’t perfect, so to speak.  I loved this little book.  I loved that it expressed to you that no matter how you prayed, God will listen.

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I also asked my 11-year-old niece, Mallory about her opinion with this book, she stated, “I remember learning a lot about this in Sunday school. All the little kids would get nervous that they weren’t going to pray right or that God would be mad if they did it wrong.” She also stated that she would love to bring a copy of this book to the younger kids at her church so that they could understand that no matter how you pray, it’s always right. They would love the simple illustrations & how the main character was a little kid just like them. 🙂

So what do you see as a common theme between these two children’s books?  At the end of the day, you have to just be YOU!  Be KIND to one another, lend a HAND to someone who needs it, always wear your SMILE and remember, GOD IS ALWAYS LISTENING!!!!!!!!!!!

If you would like to learn more about this FABULOUS author, you can check her out here http://kdbrown.tateauthor.com/ and here http://www.kdbrownwriter.blogspot.com/.

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Check it out!  If you purchase a book starting July 1st – September 30th – K.D. (Katie) Brown will donate 100% of her author proceeds from all online sales to benefit http://www.imattertoo.com/.   I Matter Too® mentors and tutors orphaned abused and neglected children through the love of Jesus Christ.

Would you like to WIN an AUTOGRAPHED copy of both children’s books???
Leave me a comment below telling me WHY you’d love to have these awesome children’s books, and I’ll choose a random comment on July 20th(using Random.org) and announce the winner here on the blog and on social media!

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  1. Melissa Smith

    Those are really cute books! My kids would love them & I love that they have a really good message.

  2. Sydney

    These look like such great books! I have two boys under 2 and I would love to add these to their library. Thank you for the great review!

  3. jenniferclay795

    These books sound really great! I know that my daughters would really like them!

  4. mrenkema79

    Wonderful books! Our kids would love these! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Michelle F.

    That looks like a great book. I love the message and the look of the characters.

  6. Christina Hitchcock

    I always love finding new books for my children. My 2 youngest are 4 and 5 and they are at that age where it is important to really learn to be kind to everyone. I think these would help them learn those lessons.

  7. Elayna Fernandez (@thePositiveMOM_)

    It sounds like these books really express how we are unique and that means we are valuable. We have all felt like the 4-leaf clover… different, like no one understands us, but we can pray to God and have a deep conversation with Him, because He will listen and will always be our friend.

  8. jamie4flanary

    The illustrations look adorable and something my kids would love!

  9. eunkyungsuh

    Thank you for the suggestions. I love having Christian kids books around for my kids to read. God is expecting our conversation and “company.” I have to get better at thinking about him on the Sabbath. I do make a point to dedicate my days to him. It’s amazing how much better m days go when I give up the wheel. Blessings~

  10. mintascreations

    Love the illustrations and any toddler would love this book.

  11. jonathanmcmullen

    My kids love books! Here are two more to add to our library!

  12. Charity L.

    Our kids are too old for these but will keep them in mind for gifts. Thanks!

  13. Heidy L. McCallum

    Fantastic read! I loved it so much I had to share it on my FB page. I love how you are so detailed on your findings. I don’t have any little ones running around , mine is 24 but grandchild I am sure will pop up! Thank you for sharing you blog post about “Hi, God” & “Four Lucky Leaves”

  14. Regina

    Thes sound like books my kids would love!


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