My Date Night With Italy…My Review On Olive Garden’s NEW MENU 🙂

Jun 12, 2014 | Reviews | 10 comments

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One of the best things in life is eating.  I looove to cook food, explore food, watch people cook food and smell food.  Food is really one of the key attributes to my heart!  If you want to treat me out on the town for a night or for a special occasion, for like oh… I don’t know, maybe my birthday, then direct me to food.  Ok, so you get the idea.  One of my favorite places that I like to go eat ALL the time is Olive Garden.  I don’t know why, but I feel that this place really just takes me away to a place where I dream of vineyards and beautiful green fields…and LoVe. ONE day, I will make it to ITALY!  I don’t know if you get that same feeling, but it sure is nice:)  Anywho, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Olive Garden has recently unveiled the most significant NEW MENU evolution in the restaurant’s history, including more than 20 new menu items that include new cocktails, appetizers, main courses and desserts.  Also, you will find some dishes on the menu suitable for those waistlines which are under 575 calories!  Some of the items are already in your bellies and some are just waiting to get in your bellies 🙂 I had the honor of tasting some of the wonderful dishes ahead of time, just so I could prep you for what is to come…


Please allow me to take you along my date night with ITALY… shall we?

photo 41 Did you think I was going to be tasting all 20 items on the new menu?!? (I did) Shhh.  I was so excited about my pasta adventure.  I was ready to get pasta wasted!

photo 42 First up for the night was these DELISH Crispy Risotto Bites (“Small Plates”)  which were bite-sized blend of Italian cheeses and rice, lightly fried and served in marinara sauce.  These were just scrumptous and were the perfect size. MMMmmm I could still taste them.

photo 12  Next that came out was the Artichoke Fritta.  These were marinated artichoke hearts that are lightly battered and fried.  (Yes, fried) and also served with this AMAZING five cheese marinara dipping sauce.  Folks, These are not out YET!  BUT, will be on the menu’s starting June 16th.  I recommend that you give these bad boys a try.  I promise, you can’t stop at just one!

photo 13 This dish was EXCELLENTE’.  We have the Polenta Shrimp alla Greca (“Small Plates”) this consists of sautéed shrimp served on creamy and I mean creammmmy polenta that is topped with fresh blend of olives, capers and tomato sauce.

Whewwww… I was NOT getting full.  I was trying to only have one bite of each dish, but it was IMPOSSIBLE!  Everything was soooo good.

photo 11 Now I know a salad when I see one.  Let me introduce to you the Roasted Tomato Caprese Salad Topper.  This beauty tasted so fresh and DELISH!  I loved how it was so colorful and you could really smell the kale! Fresh mozzarella bites, roasted tomato, bell pepper, basil, kale and an extra-virgin olive oil drizzle makes this salad taste outta this world.  You seriously have to try this!

photo 24 I don’t know about you, but this is heaven in a dish!  This had so much good flavors going on all in one!  Let me introduce to you the Smashed Chicken Meatball Sandwich!  It is made with yes, you guessed it, smashed chicken meatballs that melt in your mouth and then add some roasted bell peppers and mozzarella on a focaccia bun!  See, I told ya! Heaven on a bun 🙂

IMG_2843.JPG Now this is the dish I have been waiting on all night to dive into.  Why may you ask?  Well, it is the Lasagna Fresca which will be coming soon to an Olive Garden near you on June 16th that is comprised of the best sun-dried tomato sauce in this world.  The combination of hand folded vegetable lasagna, sautéed shrimp and grilled tomatoes in one just makes all the taste buds in your mouth jumping for joy! I’m not kidding.  This dish is outta this world and the only way you are going to believe me, is to TRY IT!  I double dare you:)

IMG_2846  Where are all my garlic lovers at?  Boy do I have a dish for you!  This Garlic Rosemary Chicken is just what the vampires have ordered because it is simply lip biting good! See what I did there? :0) Anyways, this dish is made up of grilled marinated chicken breast that is topped with rosemary and caramelized garlic cloves.  It is then paired with some garlic parmesan mashed potatoes and fresh spinach.  I LOVED THIS DISH, and if you love garlic, SO WILL YOU!!

So as the night was winding down and my belly was soooo full.  I was trying to capture every moment of the entrees, I oddly found room for one more dish.  Any takers on what that dish might have been?

IMG_2847.JPG  Allow me the honor of introducing to you the newest desert on the menu and it is simply to die for.  It’s a Strawberry Panna Cotta which will be available to you on June 16th as well, and is made up of sweet summer strawberries top a rich and creamy vanilla custard that is inspired by ITALY’s mountainous Piedmont region.  This dish which I DID NOT SHARE with no one as I inhaled it lol, was the perfect ending to my date night with ITALY!  If you want to take a trip to ITALY, TRY THIS DESSERT!!!

photo1 And as my date night was coming to an end, luck was on my side as I had won this awesome gift card to come back and try out the fabulous new menu once it lands on June 16th.  I will get to continue to fantasize what ITALY will be like through the wonderful meals at Olive Garden until I embark on my journey to the beautiful country itself.  But until I do, I will settle for a DATE NIGHT WITH OLIVE GARDEN anytime!

Be sure to check out Olive Garden’s new menu on June 16th! I might just see you there!!!!

The review is written by me on behalf of Olive Garden. The opinions are all mine.












  1. Jenny Meer Hodges

    That salad looks AMAZING!! I love a good caprese salad!! Yum!!

  2. Imelda Guanzon

    My favorite is the rosemary chicken! What a nice ambiance of the environment. I hope I can find the recipe of rosemary chicken 🙂

  3. Karen Warren

    I love Italy and Italian food, so I think it’s a great idea to have a ‘date night’ with the country! Hope you manage to get to Italy some time.

  4. Danielle Stewart

    All the food looks great. I am sure that you all had a great time.

  5. sophiebowns

    I love food too!
    I really like to look of your roasted pepper salad- mmm!

  6. kindazennish

    The new appetizers look amazing! I know fried foods aren’t the best for you, but I don’t go out to dinner often so I never worry about what I order when I do go. 🙂

  7. Nichole C

    Yummy! Everything looks delish! Esp the risotto balls

  8. Stacey Merrill

    sounds like a tasty evening! Congrats on your win

  9. Mrs. Mashed Up

    Sounds yummy… especially the Risotto Bites!

  10. Tara

    YUMMY!!! thanks now im starving! lol


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