Painting with “My Twist” & A Little Vino (GIVEAWAY)

Apr 17, 2014 | Reviews | 24 comments

When someone mentions a painting to me, I always think back to famous artists like Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, & Michelangelo just to name a few and I try to picture what was going through their minds the first time they sat down in front of a blank canvas.  I wonder if they were wearing the cool black Beret hat, sipping on some vino in a cool room overlooking some vineyards in Italy with the crisp sun shinning through the window hitting their face…WAIT..what?!, earth to Noordinaryliz…I was dreaming for a second.  See, that was where my mind had went when I sat down in front of my blank canvas at Simply Art Studios.  No, I wasn’t in Italy, but it sure felt like it.  My dream was reality because VINO was allowed.  How cool is that?

So I guess you are wondering what Simply Art Studios is about huh?  Well, I will tell ya, it is really cool.  This was my first time giving my “artsy” side a try.  I was always curious as to how people always had awesome paintings in one try!  So, thanks to my new group of Tampa Bay Blogger friends, we got to explore this ourselves.

logosmall  Where EVERYONE is welcomed with a SMILE 🙂

photo 1 Steph @orangespoken is all excited and has already claimed her seat, right in front of the artist for the night.

photo21 This is Jackie.  She was FABULOUS!  She is the masterpiece behind our BEAUTIFUL work.  She walked us through each part of the artwork.  Follow along below to see how my blank canvas turned into “So Starry”

photo 15 So before we started to paint, they instructed us to place a blank plate on top of our heads, as Steph @orangespoken is showing us above.  I bet you’re wondering why.. Huh?

photo 16  Well they told us to draw a flower and a tree without lifting our pens.  Why must you ask?  Well, if you can draw on top of your head, then you can paint, stated Hannah, General Manager at Simply Art Studios.

photo 17  Here was my “flower”  & “tree” do you see it?  I am going to be some kind of  artist… LOL. (It is totally acceptable to laugh at myself)

photo 12  This was my area.  I had everything I needed to get my “paint on”.

photo13  VINO…Check!

photo 25 Here we go!

photo 42  I thought it was pretty cool that we could use chalk to draw on the paint.

photo43 This is the beginning of a blazing fire.

photo44  Adding my church.

photo 45  As you can see, I have added the moon and some swirly lines.

photo 24  Jackie is doing her thang.

photo 45  My church is coming together.

1901944_832894543392011_8064229800730770543_n  Enough said.

photo 33  Tada.. my masterpiece.  I have to say that it turned out pretty darn close.  I added my twist on it here and there.  You really can make it however you want it. Just HAVE FUN!

photo 32  This was the group picture of our FABULOUS Tampa Bay Bloggers and you can see that everyone did AWESOME!  This class was so much fun.  It showed me a couple of things:

1 -, I got to network and meet new friends/bloggers!


3 – I think I want to go back and try the jewelry class! That’s right…not only do they offer painting, BUT jewelry making as well.  This is a kid friendly environment so bring your whole family and make it a day to remember!

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Leave me a comment below telling me WHY you’d love to have this awesome opportunity to exercise your art skills, and I’ll choose a random comment on April 31st (using and announce the winner here on the blog and on social media!

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Congratulations to @rcbeck77 at Bob’s Kitchen for winning the free registration to FittPalooza5K and Fitness Challenge.  I will be in touch with details.  Thank you for participating!


  1. Crystal H

    I LOVE painting and I love hanging out with friends drinking, so I would love to win! Thanks!

  2. Crystal H

    Follow you on twitter @Latsyrc728

  3. Crystal H

    I like you on Facebook (Crystal Hamilton)

  4. Crystal H

    I like Simply Art on Facebook (Crystal Hamilton)

  5. Crystal H

    Follow Simply Art on twitter @Latsyrc728

    • savoryexperiments

      We have these types of classes in my area as well! My girlfriends and I just love them!

      • noordinaryliz

        That is awesome! What better way to hangout with friends? Am I Right?

  6. Jenn

    I’d love to try this and see if I do have a right (creative) brain

  7. Nichole C

    Your painting turned out GREAT! It was nice to meet you, Liz 🙂

    • noordinaryliz

      Thank you Nichole! Thanks for pulling this together. It was really nice meeting you as well. Look forward to future blogging events.

  8. bellavidaletty

    Well that sure looks like a fun time. I had heard of this but haven’t yet tried it myself.

    • noordinaryliz

      It was a great time! This definately needs to be on your bucket list of things to try! You will be suprised by yourself 🙂

  9. Jessica Jones

    I wish I lived closer, that looks like a fun class!

    • noordinaryliz

      It was fun! Who knows, you may have something like this near you? It might be called something different?

  10. Suzi Satterfield

    It looks like a great time was had! (How far is this from Big Top Flea Market? Pretty close, right?)

    • noordinaryliz

      This was a FABULOUS time! This is really close to the Big Top Flea Market. If you ever want a night just to relax and unwind, this is it!

  11. longhorns2

    Love the picture- you did a great job with that one.

  12. Keisha Talley

    This is so neat.

    • noordinaryliz

      Yes, it was! This was my first time doing something like this. I have to say, I WILL be doing it again. Each night, they have a different painting.

  13. Julie

    You look like you had plenty of fun. Nice pic too.

  14. DeDivahDeals

    Wow, this is a great place, something to think about doing during my retirement years – lol!

  15. Kellie The Shoe Diva

    Way too much fun! I missed the draw on your head part (this is the problem with being a fashion blogger, you believe you should be ‘fashionably late’) You did an awesome job on your picture even without the beret & the vineyards of Italy. 🙂


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